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Errors on errors for Chelse A misplaced pass Badiashile error gifts Newcastle the lead at Stamford BridgeNewcastle the opening goal on his 100th game for the club

Video: Newcastle takes the lead at Stamford Bridge after a huge mistake by Badiashile.

Benoit Badiashile’s spectacular howler gave Newcastle’s Callum Wilson a gift that he couldn’t refuse: a clear opportunity to put the visitors ahead 1-0 in their Carabao Cup quarterfinal.

Thanks to a careless Chelsea pass, Wilson had gained possession of the ball in his own half and was heading straight for Thiago Silva in Chelsea’s defence.

Badiashile was the covering defender and only had to clear the ball or give it back to his keeper even if he had managed to go past the Brazilian.

Wilson was able to sneak in and fire home because he did nothing and made a total mess of the situation.

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