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“They do as they please. The FA should deduct 20 points from all these teams, especially Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool FC, for shady business. This is shameful. Manchester United legend Gary Neville calls the Premier League’s Big Six teams “bullies

According to sources, Manchester United and Liverpool would not be able to compete in the redesigned Club World Cup in 2025 if they win the Champions League the following season.

FIFA intends to make significant changes to its premier club championship after the current 2023 edition in Saudi Arabia in an attempt to revitalise it. Since the Champions League winners have dominated the competition since its establishment in 2000, the present structure, which matches continental champions every year, has struggled to gain widespread support.

The Club World Cup semifinal matchup pits Manchester City against Urawa Red Diamonds of Japan, with Brazil’s Fluminense and Egypt’s Al Ahly rounding out the field. FIFA plans to increase the number of teams competing in the event from seven to 32, with it taking place every four years, starting with the 2025 edition in the US. Only two clubs per country will be permitted entrance, with the Champions League winners over a four-year period having precedence.

Chelsea and Manchester City, the representatives of England, presently occupy the top two slots thanks to their victories in the Champions League in 2021 and their continued success in Europe. If a country produces more than two continental champions during a qualifying round, FIFA’s calculations might be adjusted. Consequently, Arsenal would qualify for the 2025 Club World Cup if they win the Champions League this year.

Certain teams—like Newcastle, Aston Villa, Manchester United, Liverpool, or Tottenham—are not in the current Champions League knockout stages, hence they are considered improbable candidates.

FIFA just presented the requirements for qualifying for the 2025 Club World Cup in Jeddah. Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Manchester City all got in thanks to their 2022 Champions League wins. Nine additional teams were selected based on Champions League results since 2020, leaving twelve European teams in the running. Benfica, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, Inter Milan, and Porto are among the confirmed entries.

The Champions League this year offers the remaining teams—Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, RB Leipzig, Barcelona, Juventus, Napoli, Red Bull Salzburg, Lazio, Arsenal, Copenhagen, Real Sociedad, and PSV—the chance to guarantee spots.

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