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VAR cheated Liverpool again: Watch Cody Gakpo goal that was disallowed due to VAR ERROR – PGMOL explained why the goal was disallowed – Not fair for England Referees as they seems to be favouring Man City to win the league again

In a dramatic turn of events at Turf Moor, Liverpool cheered at first when Cody Gakpo scored their second goal. That happiness didn’t last long, though, because the goal was later ruled out by VAR. As the complicated play went on, Darwin Nunez made impact with a Burnley player in the penalty box, which led to a foul.

As a result, VAR decided that the touch was enough to cancel out Gakpo’s goal, which made Liverpool and their fans angry.

The goal that was called off showed how close VAR is and how strictly it is watched, which changes the flow of the game. Liverpool showed how good they are at attacking, and the result showed how carefully the process is reviewed to make sure it is fair and correct in important situations.

The sudden turn of events made the game more controversial, and both teams were feeling more emotional as they played in a close Boxing Day match at Turf Moor.

Watch the goal that was called back below:

Here’s the link:

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