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Game over for Manchester City As Facing BAN alert from PGMOL after breaking Financial Fair Play(FFP) charges which is threatening the future of the Premier League Giants!

An update on when Manchester City would be punished for their 115 FFP charges has been delivered to Arsenal. The news broke in 2023 that Man City would face charges for multiple financial violations that occurred over the previous ten years. The story gained traction again in November following Everton’s punishment for similar financial transgressions.

The Toffees lost more than the £105 million barrier over a three-year rolling period, which is now known as the Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR). As a result, they were deducted ten points. Naturally, Everton’s punishment for a single offence sparked more discussion about Chelsea and Man City.

Chelsea has been fined in the past, but the Blues are currently being investigated for alleged payments related to transactions; no charges have been brought against them. Regarding Man City, a comprehensive inquiry is anticipated, with a concrete resolution unlikely to be obtained for several years.

In spite of this, a new FFP schedule has surfaced, putting two Premier League teams—Everton among them—at risk of sanctions. The Times claims that teams will find out in the next two weeks which ones will be charged for new financial rule violations, leaving Everton and Nottingham Forest anxious.

The Midlands-based team spent a lot of money during their Championship promotion season, but their expenditures were offset by their cash boost from entering the Premier League. But playing in England’s top division also meant that salaries increased and that more money was spent on big-name transfers.

Because each instance is so different, it is quite doubtful that Chelsea and Man City will be subject to any sort of penalty. While Chelsea’s financial problems are still being investigated, every Man City bill needs to be carefully examined.

Under a new rule, any punishment rulings that are fulfilled in the event of a significant breakthrough in the case shall be addressed within the current season. Again, though, it states that this will only apply in situations in which a choice is made with ease, which is still incredibly doubtful in the case of Etihad Stadium.

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