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Game over for Chelsea FC As Facing BAN alert from PGMOL after breaking Financial Fair Play(FFP) charges which is threatening the future of the Premier League Giants!

Within two weeks, the Premier League will decide if Manchester United has broken Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules after putting new rules into place. In particular, United will find out by January 14 if they’ve broken these rules, since the Premier League has implemented a new tracking method.

The leaders of United have made it clear that they don’t expect a busy transfer window in January because they are worried about FFP. They are being careful because they have spent over £400 million on transfers in the last two years. United announced a fiscal year loss of £42 million in October. This was a big drop from the record deficit of £115 million the previous year.

As long as Financial Fair Play is followed, losses can be made up for by investing in things like infrastructure, women’s teams, and academy growth. Premier League clubs can have a net loss of no more than £105 million over three years, though this limit changes for teams that were promoted from the Championship during that time.

Even if United is found not to have broken any financial rules, club officials may still be hesitant to spend money for the rest of January because of the three-year review process that is still going on.

Because the league recently changed its rules on profit and sustainability, clubs had to turn in their records for the 2022–23 season by December 31. According to The Times, any possible leaks would be made public two weeks later.

If a club is charged with going over the financial loss limit, they will have two weeks to reply to the claims before an independent panel hearing, which will end on April 8.

The new system is supposed to have a “fast-tracking” method that will allow simple cases to be handled more quickly. This could lead to punishments like losing points during the current season.

Also, Everton is disputing a 10-point deduction they got in November for going over the £105 million loss cap. They were first charged last season. It says in the story that they could get a second punishment.

People think that the case against Everton is easier than the 115 charges against Manchester City, which include claims of not cooperating and giving false financial information. The club has rejected all the charges that were brought against them in February.

Chelsea is also being looked into for possible financial violations while Roman Abramovich owned the club, but they have not been charged yet, which makes the case more complicated.

Kieran Maguire, a football financial expert, says that Nottingham Forest might be the most likely team to break FFP rules because they spend a lot of money on players in both the Championship and the Premier League. When he talked to The Times, he said that Nottingham Forest was almost over their Financial Fair Play rules for their Premier League promotion. This continued with big purchases in new players during their first season. Some of them, like Jesse Lingard, did not live up to expectations. Maguire pointed out that Nottingham Forest is a club that is breaking these rules.

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