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Former Real Madrid player and Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema is signing for this Premier League Club and joining shock club after announcing his departure from Bayern Munich this evening!

Karim Benzema, a past Ballon d’Or winner, is expected to shock everyone by joining Manchester United, making it look foolish to pass on Timo Werner.

This month, the Red Devils are looking to bolster their forward line with an experienced frontman. In an attempt to ease Rasmus Hojlund’s transition to the Premier League, Erik ten Hag intends to reduce his workload.

The Denmark international signed for a cool Β£64 million from Atalanta, but in his first half-season in England, he has yet to register a league goal.

As the starting backup, Anthony Martial is still a letdown. When the season ends, Martial’s contract will expire, and if a successor is signed, United will profit this month.

But because the club’s budget is so pitifully little, less expensive solutions and loan possibilities are being looked into.

Fabrizio Romano verified that Man Utd had discussions with Timo Werner’s representation. Later, Sky Sports disclosed that United was given the opportunity to sign the Germany and RB Leipzig striker.

It has subsequently come to light, though, that United was unable to pursue their interest because they were still unsure of the exact player they wanted to sign. That’s even though we’ve only had the winter window for a week.

Tottenham agreed to a six-month loan agreement with a buyout option without hesitation. When Spurs and Manchester United play on Sunday, Werner might make his team debut.

United is looking at other options now that Werner will soon be off the table.

Karim Benzema, the French superstar, is the only person they need to look at, according to former Red Devils frontman Louis Saha.

Benzema’s Saudi trip is not going well
The 36-year-old, who won the Ballon d’Or in 2022, is presently employed with Al-Ittihad in Saudi Arabia.

For many of the well-known personalities who took a risk by moving to the Middle East last summer, though, the bloom is already fading.

In fact, Roberto Firmino and Jordan Henderson, the former Liverpool players, are also hoping for a speedy return to Europe. Recently, Planet Football, our sister website, disclosed that things are not going well for Benzema at Al-Ittihad either.

Al-Ittihad is one of the four Saudi teams supported by the Public Investment Fund, however they are now in seventh place in the SPL, which is disappointing.

According to Planet Football, Benzema has recently acquired the moniker “Ben-Hazima,” which means “the son of defeat” in Arabic, and the team’s supporters haven’t taken to him.

According to statements cited by the Evening Standard, Saha recommended that United save Benzema from his misery in Saudi Arabia and give him one last chance to succeed in Europe.

Is Benzema a realistic fantasy for Manchester United?
“They need him [Benzema] to shake up the United frontline,” stated Saha.

“He will link the play a lot better and he will definitely score goals.”

Saha continued to assert that Benzema would mentor Hojlund and have a significant impact on his career, but the analyst also conceded that making a January acquisition would be extremely challenging.

“It’s simply a dream,” Saha went on. “That’s just a fantasy, but Karim is still a very professional guy; he’s the kind of striker that Hojlund will learn from.”

At Β£1.65 million a week, Benzema is the joint third highest earning in the SPL.

Before a transfer to United, whether on loan or as a free agent in the event that his contract were terminated, to be considered even somewhat feasible, the mother of all wage cuts would have to be made.

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