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‘I tried everything I could to encourage him to join Liverpool, but it appears that His mind is made up already’: Endō has confirmed this. His international teammate has declined Liverpool’s offer to join Chelsea in January and will receive €80 million for his services

With Karim Benzema’s departure, Real Madrid is looking for a long-term answer for their striker position.

Despite the fact that Joselu has shown admirable performances when given the chance, most people believe he may not be the team’s long-term answer.

Real Madrid has been linked to a number of high-profile strikers, and Santiago Gimenez is one of the names drawing a lot of interest.

Gimenez has been in excellent form this season, often scoring goals. His desirability has increased when he scored twice in Feyenoord’s 3-1 victory over Lazio in a recent Champions League match.

Real Madrid is one of the front-runners in the race for his signing.

Gimenez has attracted interest from a number of teams, including Inter, Milan, Lazio, and Napoli, according to the forward’s advisor Morris Pagniello.

But Pagniello points out that Inter and Juventus might be the best options for the teenage striker.

In less than a year, Gimenez’s market worth has increased significantly from €10 million to €40 million, as he also noted.

Right now, the teams vying for his services the closest are Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur.

Harry Kane left Tottenham Hotspur for Bayern Munich during the most recent summer transfer window.

They have fared extremely well and are currently top of the Premier League despite losing their best striker.

Gimenez is one of the top young attackers in Europe thanks to his incredible goal scoring record of 15 goals in just 11 games this season. Real Madrid has been actively recruiting potential young talents with profiles similar to Gimenez’s.

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