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‘It’s difficult to understand. I don’t get why the manager is doing this, he can’t play me and he won’t let me leave this January”-Chelsea star is not impressed with Mauricio Pochettino’s managemen

William Gallas, a former Chelsea defender, expressed his dissatisfaction with Mauricio Pochettino’s management at Stamford Bridge, stating that he is perplexed by some of the team’s actions and their lack of consistency.

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The Blues are only three points behind West Ham in sixth place and nine behind Arsenal in fourth place in the Premier League standings, meaning they are still in the running to qualify for Europe. They are currently ranked ninth.

Things have improved recently for Pochettino’s team, as they have won their past three matches in the top flight and four of their last five across all competitions, but Gallas is not persuaded.

Despite their recent victories, the Frenchman says he has no idea what to expect from the Blues in their upcoming game and wants more consistency from his old team.

How would I rank Poch’s Chelsea debut? Gallas told Gambling Zone, “To be honest, his management is not really, really good at the moment.”

The outcomes are seen. While they defeated Fulham on Saturday, Chelsea’s current situation is that they win one game, tie the next, or lose, and that is insufficient. We never know if they will win the next game.‌

We therefore continue to expect more from Chelsea and from Pochettino. The fans’ frustration with the team’s performance and outcomes stems from this.

Gallas criticises Pochettino’s team selection and tactics, stating that he is perplexed by the Argentine’s left-back choice.

Ben Chilwell and Marc Cucurella have been sidelined by injuries for the majority of the season, meaning that Levi Colwill has filled in there.

Gallas wasn’t pleased with what he saw when Chilwell returned to the bench against Fulham the previous week, playing for the first time since September.

“I don’t understand why the manager is doing this; it’s hard to understand why the players are playing out of position,” he remarked.

“You have to play the left back if he is available and you have him in your squad.” The greatest players must be on the pitch on the weekends in that position because the club purchases players for their weekend play.‌

Even with a mediocre left back, you still need to start them. Because a right back cannot play left back or a centre back there, Pochettino’s strategies have proven challenging to comprehend.

In order to assemble a team, Pochettino may need to be a little more firm with the group of young players he brought in during recent transfer windows, according to Gallas.

Does Poch need to criticise the media more harshly? As a diplomat, Pochettino is,’ the Frenchman declared. He makes an effort to build strong bonds with his players, but as we all know, the game of football is constantly changing, and it can be challenging to locate managers that are both extremely severe and open with their players.‌

Even if what Poch claims is accurate, he is scared that his players won’t accept it and that it would make them feel uneasy if it is reported in the media.‌

“You have to be careful when you have so many young players in your squad because it can be a problem if players decide not to play.”

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