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The public has just been informed of a very heartbreaking news on why Mason Greenwood has not returned to Manchester United, despite the great deal of effort has been put forth in order to get him back to old Trafford

Mason Greenwood was first arrested in January of the previous year because of offensive material that he had posted online. Though allegations of attempted rape, violence, and coercive conduct were recently withdrawn, concerns remain regarding his return to Manchester United.

The squad is nonetheless concerned about possible diversions and scrutiny even after the Crown Prosecution Service withdrew its charges.

Even though the legal charges against Greenwood have been dropped, The Sun says that players are worried about how his return may affect the team’s focus. The club is now experiencing its happiest dressing room mood in a long time, so sources say the players are open to his return but cautious of the attention’s potential to be distracting.

In response to the CPS ruling, Manchester United pledged to conduct an internal investigation prior to deciding on any action and acknowledged the charges having been dismissed. To guarantee openness, the club places a high priority on conducting a thorough internal assessment.

In contrast, the side led by Erik ten Hag does well in the Premier League and Carabao Cup. United advances to the Carabao Cup final and takes third place in the league standings with a 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace. At the conclusion of the month, there’s a match against Newcastle at Wembley Stadium.

Players’ internal dissatisfaction affects United’s season as they consider Greenwood’s possible impact. The club’s cautious stance, as stated in their statement, emphasises the need for a thorough internal resolution prior to determining Greenwood’s status with the team.

The otherwise great season for United is made more complicated by this tricky scenario.

Before deciding how Greenwood will interact with the squad going forward, careful consideration must be given to the internal dynamics and happiness of the group.

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