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‘I think he will fit to play for Chelsea and he is a very good goal scorer.’: Darren Bent urges Chelsea to sign 86-goals striker in coming day

“I believe he will be able to play for Chelsea,” says Darren Bent, pleading with Chelsea to recruit the 86-goal striker as soon as possible – CHELSEA 247

Callum Wilson, a striker for Newcastle, is someone Chelsea should target, according to Darren Bent.


Bent thinks the 31-year-old’s goal-scoring prowess would make him a valuable addition to Mauricio Pochettino’s team.


Wilson is the most recent name to be connected to Chelsea during the January transfer window, and the team is in desperate need of a striker. There are also reports that West Ham United is interested in him.


The midfielder is now injured, and the Magpies are reportedly seeking at least £18 million before they move him.


“I think Callum Wilson is great. Huge admirer of his Bent said to talkSPORT, “He always seems to score when he plays.


“I believe he would be a good fit for both West Ham and Chelsea.”


Bent went on, “I think it works really well if either side can get him.” I’m not sure why, but I seem to be leaning more in the direction of West Ham. He is going to start in both clubs. He is going to start if he plays for West Ham. He is going to start if he joins Chelsea.


For a striker, Wilson’s 86 goals in 215 Premier League games is a respectable return. The only issue we have with him is that he appears to be prone to injuries, and Chelsea doesn’t want to be dealing with that right now given how much they already have to deal with in that area.

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