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Coming from Fabrizio Romano this morning “If he Leave Manchester City I will also Leave he convinced me to join the club and is one of the reason why I am still here-Nathan Ake says he just does not want £378,000-a-week man to leave Manchester City

Nathan Ake said he merely opposes the important player leaving Manchester City.

Nathan Ake has said that the idea of Pep Guardiola leaving Manchester City is not even something he “wants to think” about.


Many people were curious as to when City manager Jurgen Klopp would decide to hang up the whistle after he made the decision to announce that he was leaving Liverpool at the conclusion of the season.


But following the Sky Blues’ most recent 1-0 triumph over Tottenham Hotspur, Guardiola acknowledged that he might continue working with the team until his current contract expires in 2025.


Nathan Ake acknowledges that he finds it unbearable to consider Pep Guardiola leaving Manchester City.

This £378,846-a-week man appears to still have the fire in his gut to keep striving for the highest accolades in club football at City, even after eight years at the Etihad Stadium.


Nathan Ake acknowledged he did not like the sound of Pep Guardiola leaving Manchester City when he was questioned about the prospect.


MORE STORIES OF MEN IN CITIES “I’d rather not even consider it.” Naturally, everyone was a little taken aback to learn of the news [about Jurgen Klopp’s departure from Liverpool].


Klopp is an excellent manager who has performed admirably at Liverpool. His absence will be felt greatly by the Premier League. However, it had no effect on us here. According to Ake, “We are just thinking about ourselves” (via The Mirror).


demonstrates Nathan Ake’s complete trust in the Catalan leader

It’s clear that Nathan Ake, a defender for Manchester City, still has complete faith in Pep Guardiola as his manager.


As is frequently the case at multiple teams, it would be understandable if a player such as Ake got burned out by Guardiola’s instructions after joining the team in 2020 and working under his unwavering demands for perfection.


However, it would seem that the Dutchman in particular must feel obliged to the Catalan manager, who turned him into a vital player for his team in the last campaign.


Nathan Ake was a minor player for Manchester City prior to their treble-winning season, but Pep Guardiola always appeared to think he had the potential to become a world-class defender.


Guardiola’s belief in Ake has paid off, and it appears that the former Chelsea centre defender wants to stay under the tutelage of what is perhaps the greatest coach in the history of football.



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