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VIDEO | ROBBERY OF THE YEAR. Clear Penalty For Chelsea after a rough tackle, and the Referee Says No! 😱😱

The term “LiVARpool” gained popularity on social media after a contentious incident occurred during the Liverpool vs. Chelsea match.


Diogo Jota initiated the scoring in the 23rd minute by skillfully manoeuvring past Chelsea’s defensive line and successfully scored a goal.


Prior to Jota’s goal, Chelsea believed they deserved a penalty after a confrontation between Conor Gallagher and Virgil van Dijk.


The midfielder from the Blues team sprinted past the defender from Liverpool, who subsequently fouled the man inside the penalty area.


However, match referee Paul Tierney did not indicate a penalty as VAR confirmed the decision made by the on-field officials.


The incident provoked a strong and angry reaction from Chelsea fans online, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision.


A user of the X platform commented: “Liverpool’s use of VAR has had a significant impact once again.”


Another user expressed their astonishment, questioning why the incident involving Gallagher was not deemed a penalty. Liverpool’s use of VAR is once again under scrutiny.


Another individual expressed their opinion, stating: “Liverpool’s use of VAR is highly disappointing and unacceptable.”


Another individual expressed their frustration, stating: “This is an utter absurdity.” Liverpool’s use of VAR proves decisive yet again.


Another individual commented: “Liverpool, benefiting from the use of VAR, has once again made a significant impact.” Incredible. The Premier League strongly desires Liverpool to emerge as the champions this season.


Compounding Chelsea’s troubles, Conor Bradley unleashed a precise low shot just before halftime, effectively increasing Liverpool’s advantage.


Reports indicate that the Premier League is planning to introduce a significant modification to VAR starting from the next season, in response to a number of disputes that have arisen during the current season.


VAR has under scrutiny in recent months due to an erroneous decision in disallowing a Liverpool goal for offside against Tottenham in September.


Subsequently, Arsenal encountered two distinct occurrences pertaining to the question of whether the ball had crossed the boundary before the goals they allowed against Newcastle and West Ham. In both instances, the goal was valid.


There were doubts and uncertainties around the choice to not grant Liverpool a penalty against Arsenal for an apparent handball. During an interview on the programme ‘Match Officials Mic’d Up’, Howard Webb, the chief of PGMOL, acknowledged that a mistake had occurred.


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