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Coming from FABRIZIO ROMANO this Evening Manchester City Skipper Erling Haaland has left Ethihad Stadium this Evening to Join Shocking European football Club

Giovanni Galli states that if he were Pep Guardiola, he would be prepared to let Erling Haaland to leave Manchester City in order to get Dusan Vlahovic. Pep Guardiola advised him to sell Erling Haaland in order to acquire the 24-year-old striker.


Both Haaland and Vlahovic were regarded as the two best young strikers in the world before to their signings to Manchester City and Juventus, respectively.


During his time at Borussia Dortmund, the Serbian international was destroying the Bundesliga, while the Norwegian goal scorer was dominating Serie A at Fiorentina.


Giovanni Galli claims that if he were Pep Guardiola, he would sign Dusan Vlahovic instead of Erling Haaland.

But when Dusan Vlahovic signed with Juventus and Erling Haaland joined Manchester City, their destinies could not have been more dissimilar.


Although the former has won the triple crown and broken the record for most goals scored in a single season in the Premier League, Vlahovic has not been able to match his incredible play from his time at Fiorentina.


But according to Giovanni Galli, if he were Pep Guardiola, he would have let Erling Haaland to leave Manchester City in order to sign Dusan Vlahovic.




“It might not seem like much of a provocation to you, but if it were up to me, [Pep] Guardiola, I would easily make the exchange between [Dusan] Vlahovic and [Erling] Haaland,” as they put it. Dusan told Tuttosport, “I have nothing to envy the Norwegian.”


According to Giovanni Galli, Erling Haaland benefits from playing for Pep Guardiola and company since they provide him with a lot more possibilities to score goals than Dusan Vlahovic does at Juventus.


He has to make the most of his few opportunities at Juventus because, unlike City, who get ten chances every game, the Bianconeri are a club that grinds out plays. Nevertheless, Vlahovic has scored 12 goals thus far. I hope he plays for a team that is more offensive. Like Haaland, he would score 50 goals a season if he were at Manchester City. Without a doubt.


The Juventus forward is on a different planet from Erling Haaland.

Even though Dusan Vlahovic is enjoying a fantastic season, Erling Haaland is undoubtedly the finest striker in the world, thus in our opinion, Giovanni Galli’s recommendation to Pep Guardiola was absurd.


Even though he hasn’t started in his past six games and is playing in a much higher division, the 24-year-old (12 Serie A goals) has never been able to match Haaland’s (14 Premier League goals) level from the previous season in his career. Haaland has managed to outscore him by two goals in the league this season.


Dusan Vlahovic’s movement, positioning, finishing, and athleticism still require a lot of work to catch up to the Leeds-born frontman’s level of skill, even though it’s possible to argue that he is more technically well-rounded than the player.


Giovanni Galli’s reasoning is difficult to comprehend, whether it is due to recency bias or simply a fondness for the Juventus number nine as a player.


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