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YOUR CAREER IS OVER: Pochettino Has instructed Chelsea Star To Pack His Bags And Leave Stamford Bridge after having less touches than the Goal keeper

It’s official—Mauricio Pochettino and the Chelsea team are “not good enough” right now. The majority of fans at Stamford Bridge were incensed after the Blues’ 4-2 loss to Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday afternoon, and they showed it by jeering at the end of the game.


Rayan Ait-Nouri’s goal and Matheus Cunha’s hat-trick were more than sufficient for the visitors. Thiago Silva scored a late consolation goal for Chelsea after Cole Palmer had given Chelsea the lead early in the contest.


Pochettino was questioned on several topics regarding the Wolves loss. That being said, Bobby Vincent has recorded every word the Argentine spoke.


How would you describe the events of today?


“I believe it to be simple. I believe that we had a decent start to the game when we scored. The way we give up the first goal, in my opinion, hurts the team as a whole. We need to attempt to establish momentum and have faith in our playing style.


It was a challenging situation to handle after that. The energy level fell, and handling the situation was quite challenging. We do feel the effect of the two own goals we gave up in the first half. We have a chance to score again in the second half, but when you give up, it appears from the sidelines that the players struggled mightily to control the situation.”


Your players appeared uneasy today.


“Yes, I believe that the primary issue was that we were under constant pressure to perform well, win, and play well. After Palmer’s goal, we were too late in the game to gain momentum, relax, and gain confidence. You cannot afford to give up these two goals in the manner that we gave up two goals.


Playing against a Premier League team is never easy. That was the sentiment following Liverpool, that the team was being greatly impacted. Everything was challenging, but for those with enthusiasm, playing their game was simple.”


Do the players possess sufficient skill?


“I don’t think any of us are. That is the current state of affairs. I am the first accountable for this state of affairs as well. Today, we demonstrated that we are not good enough. 100% of everything you say is true. Because of our poor situational management, nobody can be safe. I don’t want to claim to be the greatest by coming here. Each of us bears responsibility.


“Even the athletes. It is necessary for the players to assume some responsibility, just as I do. I concur that currently we are not keeping up with the club’s heritage. It is accurate to say that we must accept, remain critical, and never give up. We must continue to make efforts to alter, perhaps make a choice, or look for solutions in new directions.”


Lots of rage from the supporters…


“All we can say is that we’re sorry, supporters. Perception and reality are two different things. Although it is believed that Chelsea ought to be in a different situation, that is not the case. One is that we might not be good enough.


“Aware of our responsibilities, as well as those of our organisation and players, is crucial right now. It is crucial to comprehend the fans. We seek our apologies. Like them, we are disappointed, but we must battle together until the very end, and naturally, we hope to achieve positive outcomes in the future.


“You have to try to collaborate for the full ninety minutes. If the performance is subpar, they have the right to condemn or become enraged because they have the capacity to do so. Since the players are young, assistance is needed. Since you [the fans] supported me all the way to the finish, I would like to thank you.”


What impact does that have on you?


“I’m a person. I’m not an automaton. That is obviously an unpleasant scenario. In football, however, you have to concede. You have to accept it while playing for a team like Chelsea, and I believe that’s what happened tonight.


“You have to be strong to work in this industry and in this kind of club. We are capable of moving on and have the energy to do so. Of course, it’s not a pleasant time, but the important thing is to go on and inspire the players to persevere, muster courage, and get through this kind of crisis.


“In order to compete again, the players must regain their belief and sense of confidence. The players aim to put on an excellent performance. During the ninety minutes, they undoubtedly feel the strain from the supporters. when it may be simple to watch the players play when seated, things can get difficult when pressure builds. We must now

assist them in getting over the loss.”

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