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‘Pochettino doesn’t know how to coach a big club, otherwise why would you keep a player like Him on the bench when you want to win games against Wolves?’ Alan Shearer, refers to Pochettino as a ‘BABY COACH’ for benching the £80 million star in Chelsea’s Defeat yesterda

Thiago Silva’s wife seems to have asked for Mauricio Pochettino to be fired after Wolves beat Chelsea 4–2.


The Blues needed to get back on track after losing 4-1 at Anfield last week. They did so at Stamford Bridge, where Cole Palmer scored the first goal.


But the lead didn’t last long. A few minutes later, Matheus Cunha scored to tie the game. And just before halftime, Axel Disasi scored an own goal, giving the away team a slim lead.


At halftime, Chelsea’s players were booed as they went down the stairs. Things got worse after the break, as Cunha scored twice more to get his first-ever hat-trick in the Premier League.


Thiago Silva scored late on from a corner, but by that time, most of the fans had already left, and the ones who were still there were yelling at each other.


Another group of fans chanted the name of previous owner Roman Abramovich, and others joined Wolves fans in singing “You’re s**t and you know you are.” When the game was over, there was more booing and jeering.


Now it looks like Chelsea fans aren’t the only ones who don’t like Pochettino and the team. Thiago Silva’s outspoken wife Belle also seems to want a new boss.


Belle wrote on the social media site X, just before going full-time, “It’s time to change.” It will be too late if you wait any longer.


Fans of Chelsea definitely thought Belle was talking about Pochettino when she said that. One famous fan, Frank Khalid, replied, “I’d rather you manage Chelsea!”


Many people seemed to agree with what she said, but some wondered how professional it was for the wife of a current player to criticise the boss in public.


That’s not the first time Belle Silva has used social media to criticise Chelsea or a former boss. She was very harsh on the team last season when Graham Potter was in charge.


In January of last year, she tweeted, “If there was a Thiago Silva in attack and one in midfield, with the defence we already have…”


After the loss, Chelsea is now in 11th place in the Premier League, 15 points behind Aston Villa, who is in fourth place and has the last guaranteed spot in the Champions League.


It is thought that Chelsea’s huge spending over the last 18 months was based on the hope of making the top four or at least making it to Europe. However, that seems like a tall order right now.



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