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FIFA has just announced VERY SAD NEWS for the Officials and Referees of the match between Chelsea and Manchester City and this have cost them thier Job

Following Rodri’s accusations, Pep Guardiola mockingly waved away inquiries over the officiating during Manchester City’s match against Chelsea.

Throughout the match, City’s frustration was evident as several calls went against them, and even though VAR checked multiple times for penalties, the home team was not awarded any. “I don’t want to talk about the referee, but I don’t remember a game with so many VAR checks and none for us, come on man,” Rodri bemoaned following the match.

Guardiola was asked about those remarks following the match, but the City manager insisted on further details. Which ones? I’m not sure,” he remarked. “I can tell you if you tell me the precise decisions, but I’m not sure what you mean. We must play better in the opening half.”

Guardiola playfully retorted, “Which one? ” in response to a question about the late penalty call that saw Ruben Dias go down in the area and Levi Colwill handle the ball as he attempted to clear it. Which one? Which one is within the Chelsea box? I failed to notice it.

Even though Rodri was upset about the choices, he agreed with his management that they needed to improve. The midfielder made his colleagues take more accountability and defensive improvements.

“It was in our hands and we have to do better individual actions and you can’t let the game go this way,” he stated. “We need to accept responsibility if we are to win the league; I’m not pointing fingers.

“I felt like we had momentum and we had opportunities to win, but sometimes the ball just doesn’t go in. It can be frustrating.” Come on, dude, I don’t want to comment about the referee, but I can’t recall a game where there were so many VAR checks and none for us. It’s’move on, move on’ now that you can always see the referee’s face.”

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