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During the sky sport interview, ONANA blasted FABRIZIO ROMANO, saying, “I am superior to DE GEA in one area in particular.”

Manchester United has struggled under Onana, giving up 10 goals in just five games while only managing one clean sheet.

Onana had made more saves per game than De Gea, although De Gea has superior passing and long pass accuracy, according to comparisons between the two.

Even though De Gea was an excellent shot-blocker in his peak, it is unclear if Onana will be able to live up to the hype and help the squad perform better.

David de Gea, who had spent more than ten years in goal at Old Trafford, was replaced by Andre Onana, who has had a difficult start to life at Manchester United. After his contract expired earlier in the year, the Spaniard left the team, and he hasn’t been able to find a new team yet.

A growing number of Man United supporters had expressed their dissatisfaction with the Spanish goalkeeper’s incapacity to successfully play the ball out from the back. These fans felt that Erik ten Hag, the Dutch manager, was holding the team back because he expected his players to feel comfortable passing the ball to the custodian and the keeper to feel comfortable receiving it.

Onana was chosen as the player to replace De Gea after he demonstrated this aspect of the game in a masterclass during the Champions League final. From their days together at Ajax, Ten Hag had maintained a relationship with the former custodian for Inter Milan.

As of this writing, just five games have been played in the 2023–24 Premier League season, which is still in its early stages. However, things haven’t gone exactly as planned for Manchester United’s new custodian thus far.

With the Red Devils giving up 10 goals in just five games, United has conceded more goals in the league this season than any other club in the whole division. This indicates that Onana gives up two goals on average each game versus Wolves, only managing to keep a clean sheet once.

De Gea, on the other hand, won the “Golden Glove” trophy during his final season with the Manchester team after recording an astounding 17 clean sheets in 38 games. Although that may be an unfair comparison given the disparity in the team’s overall performances—United had a very bad start to the 2023–2024 season—Onana hasn’t always shone brightly.

On his second Old Trafford appearance, the Cameroonian made an odd attempt to save a Taiwo Awoniyi shot, effectively sitting down and allowing the Nottingham Forest striker to put his shot into the gaping right-hand side of the net. After being deemed fortunate not to have given away a late penalty on his Premier League debut.

Andre Onana responds after giving up the first goal.
Ten Hag’s team lost all three points to Arsenal thanks to a late goal from Declan Rice; Onana’s attempts to save the game ended in failure as he could only assist the ball into his own net. Joao Pedro’s effort in the most recent league loss went past the United number one’s fingertips and into the net.

The United keeper’s troubles haven’t simply been limited to the league; on his Champions League debut, the team allowed Bayern Munich to score four goals against him. Leroy Sané attempted a meek shot that Onana was unable to stop, as it deflected off his palms and into the net.

Andre Onana Of Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United: Horrible Mistake Leads To First Goal

In what aspects of the game is David de Gea most effective?

We compared the two goalkeepers using Squawka data, taking into account both De Gea’s 2022–2023 season and Onana’s 2023–2024 season thus far, to determine who performs better. To maintain fairness, each parameter was measured on a per 90 basis, even though the Spanish player has a bigger sample set to choose from.

Perhaps surprisingly, De Gea was often more effective when he passed away the previous season than his replacement has been thus far this season. Although his passing accuracy is marginally lower at 68.33%, in every ninety minutes he attempts (13.7) and completes (5) more long passes on the Onana. The fact that the new custodian prefers to play short passes over long ones is not taken into consideration, yet De Gea’s long pass accuracy of 35.96% is noticeably higher than Onana’s 23.64%.
The United David de Gea in Manchester

The fact that United’s defence faced an average of 1.1 long shots on target per game last season as opposed to 0.8 per 90 this season suggests that their structure may have been stronger. This can help to explain why De Gea has a slightly superior save percentage (0.9) than his substitute (0.8) when it comes to these outside-the-box attempts. The Spanish goalie does exceptionally well in the overall save percantage statistic, with a success rate of just over 70%. This surpasses the 66.67% of Onana.

Onana shines in what areas?

When the new custodian was brought in during the summer, there was hope that he would be a revelation with the ball at his feet. However, as was already indicated, Onana has had trouble passing the ball farther.

Viral video shows Andre Onana during a Manchester United training session.

The 27-year-old has saved an average of four shots per game, compared to De Gea’s 2.7, even though he has let up more goals than his predecessor. This shows once more that Onana isn’t playing behind a solid defensive at the moment, since the team’s custodian is both making more saves and giving up goals.

According to the statistics, Onana has faced six shots on target on average out of every ninety, with 5.2 of those coming from within the box. It’s like chalk and cheese to compare this to the previous top spot at Old Trafford, where De Gea faced 3.8 shots on target on average each game, only 2.8 of which were within the box.

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