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“When we played against Liverpool at Anfield, I think too many decisions … not one key decision was for us. Two penalties were not given. VAR helped them to beat us, 50-50s, always for another colour. Always red. I want to be treated in a fair way.”

In Sunday’s Carabao Cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool, referee Chris Kavanagh will have to provide Mauricio Pochettino with “fairness.”

The Chelsea boss was furious after his team lost 4-1 to Liverpool at Anfield on January 31 due to a number of decisions that went against him.

Pochettino will have his first chance to win a trophy with Chelsea in this game, and Jurgen Klopp wants to pick up additional hardware before he leaves Liverpool in May.

Pochettino responded, “Excellent question,” when asked if Klopp and Liverpool are under more pressure to win a trophy this year.

“No, he is not under any pressure.” Perhaps it’s for those who wish to celebrate alongside Liverpool.

After Chelsea did not receive a penalty in Liverpool vs. Chelsea, Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino lodges a complaint with the fourth official.

“I believe that we must be certain that we will compete and act fairly in each and every decision.”

“I believe we made too many decisions when we played Liverpool at Anfield—not a single crucial one was made by us.” There were not two penalties. 50/50s, duels, always for a different colour. Red all the time. I wish to receive fair treatment.

We’re going to celebrate, of course. I’ll be the first to admit that Klopp is one of the greatest coaches in the world and Liverpool is an incredible team.

But given my previous performance there, I believe that what I really want from Wembley is to visit and not feel under pressure. The best team will win if all teams play at the same level. but to avoid feeling the strain from those around you.

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