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“We wasted a whole lot of money to sign him, but not it’s time to release him and let him go”- Arsenal Sporting Director Edu Gasper has told Mikel Arteta to bin £35M Arsenal star who’s earning far more than even Smith Rowe

Arsenal’s sporting director, Edu Gasper, has urged manager Mikel Arteta to offload a high-priced Arsenal player, signaling a shift in the team’s strategy. The player in question, who commands a hefty £35 million price tag and earns more than rising star Smith Rowe, has become surplus to requirements at the Emirates.


Amid Arsenal’s impressive resurgence in the Premier League under Arteta and Edu’s guidance, fueled by savvy transfers and a focus on nurturing young talent, the club faces decisions regarding its squad composition. While players like Bukayo Saka exemplify the success of Arsenal’s youth academy, others, like Smith Rowe, have endured injury setbacks but still demonstrate immense potential.


Smith Rowe’s rise from a modest debut to being named Arsenal’s Supporters’ Player of the Year in 2021 showcases his importance to Arteta’s plans. However, his journey has been marred by injuries, raising questions about his future role within the team.


The disparity in wages between Smith Rowe and less impactful players, such as Mohamed Elneny, highlights financial discrepancies within the squad. Despite Elneny’s popularity among fans, his on-field contributions do not justify his substantial salary, prompting discussions about reallocating resources more effectively.


As Arsenal navigates its path forward, balancing the promise of youthful talent with financial prudence, tough decisions loom, including potentially parting ways with players whose contributions no longer align with the club’s ambitions.

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