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‘He is not helping us at all, look at how he ghosted against Arsenal. Pep Guardiola needs to let go of him in the summer if he truly wants the league title next season.’ Former Manchester City Player Kun Aguero identifies the single Man City player that needs to be traded this summer to make place for new faces

Pep Guardiola has said that, with regards to Roy Keane’s criticism of one of his players, he does not agree with him.

Like any great manager, Guardiola has no problem standing by his players after they’ve had their reputations damaged.

There are many who argue that it is the responsibility of every manager to take action similar to what the Manchester City manager has taken to ensure that the player is on their side.

In response to Roy Keane’s comparison of Erling Haaland to a “League Two player,” Pep Guardiola Given that the Premier League is the most watched league in the world, it makes sense that even the opinions of some of their most prominent experts would become hot topics in the sports world. particularly in cases where the statements expressed make news.

The announcement of a player from a team the caliber of City always sparks discussion among observers and supporters alike.

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