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“Manchester City is the most easiest team to play in the champions League, the are just overhyped nothing more with Thier flop Erling Haaland- Federico Valverde now shares which team he thinks actually play better football

Federico Valverde shared his opinions on if Real Madrid or Manchester City squad was playing superior football heading into the second leg.

Valverde is essentially talking about whose team has spent the most of the season playing a better style of football.

That is defensible since, in contrast to Real Madrid, Manchester City hasn’t dominated their league this year.

At the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday, it seemed like Pep Guardiola’s team had the simple solution.

According to the official website of the Champions League, the numbers are undoubtedly accurate.

Manchester City produced 120 assaults compared to 19 for Real Madrid.

The visiting squad made eight shots while the home team tried thirty-four.

UEFA Champions League 2023–24: Manchester City vs. Real Madrid CF: Quarterfinal Second Leg
James Baylis’s photo from AMA/Getty Images
Valverde discusses whether team plays better, Real Madrid or Manchester City.
Additionally, the Sky Blues completed 865 passes on the evening compared to the Spanish giants’ 402 passes.

Just a cursory look at the numbers reveals Manchester City controlled the proceedings against Carlo Ancelotti’s team.

Football, however, is not a stat sheet sport.

The game is ultimately a results-driven enterprise.

The Spanish behemoths should get all the praise due to their ability to capitalize and cross the finish line.

To be too critical of City would be unfair, however, since they did enough to prevail, and in the end, chance plays a major role in determining which club wins a penalty shootout.

Before the match, Federico Valverde said that Manchester City was playing superior football than Real Madrid ahead of the second leg of the quarterfinal match in the Champions League.

“It’s a fact of football that Madrid always delivers.” The other team was stronger than us going into the match, and they were the favorites. But we are Madrid, and we fought hard, dug in, and played excellent defense. We won the game that way,” he said [via the official Real Madrid website].

Valverde’s admission is instructive.
First of all, the fact that Federico Valverde, a midfielder for Real Madrid, made this statement demonstrates the level of regard that some of the greatest players in the world have for Manchester City.

A player on a team the caliber of Los Merengues would seldom raise his hand and declare that another squad had played better football than them.

However, Valverde did, and we think his honesty is worthy of admiration.

The Uruguayan’s admission also demonstrates that Real Madrid has a singular concentration on winning, while City shares a similar mindset but also prioritizes how they want to play a lot more than their European rivals.

This attitude toward football is just the result of the two teams’ disparate cultures.

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