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“He has scored 42 goals in just 59 games since leaving Arsenal. We regret selling him out carelessly because he’s now better than even our Bukayo Saka”- Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke expresses his frustration at Mikel Arteta for selling unreal “goal machine” who left Arsenal for £0M and is now outscoring Bukayo Saka

In a frank press conference, Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke voiced his dissatisfaction with manager Mikel Arteta’s decision to release star striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. After leaving Arsenal without a transfer fee, Aubameyang has excelled, netting 42 goals in 59 matches, a performance that has made Kroenke and the Arsenal management lament their choice to let him go.


“Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has shown himself to be an incredible goal scorer since his departure,” Kroenke commented. “His record is outstanding – 42 goals in 59 games. We deeply regret the hasty decision to let him leave.”


Kroenke’s frustration is heightened by comparing Aubameyang’s success to current Arsenal standout Bukayo Saka. Although Saka has been impressive, Aubameyang’s post-Arsenal achievements have overshadowed Saka’s contributions.


“We are extremely proud of Bukayo Saka, who has been excellent for us,” Kroenke added. “But seeing Aubameyang score more than Saka is frustrating. Clearly, letting him go was a mistake.”


Aubameyang’s exit was controversial. Despite his previous achievements, including the Premier League Golden Boot in the 2018-2019 season, his performance had declined, prompting Arsenal to cut ties in an effort to rejuvenate the squad and lower the wage bill. Aubameyang then joined another club on a free transfer.


Since then, Aubameyang has rediscovered his scoring form, becoming one of Europe’s most feared forwards. His prolific scoring has been crucial to his new team’s success, making Arsenal’s decision to let him go appear increasingly misguided.


Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has been criticized for his handling of the situation. Critics argue that Arteta failed to utilize Aubameyang effectively and did not manage his departure well. Kroenke’s recent remarks have underscored the internal frustrations within the club.


“We trusted the process and believed in the decisions made at the time,” Kroenke admitted. “However, seeing Aubameyang’s remarkable form now, it’s clear that we miscalculated. We should have kept him and harnessed his talents.”


Aubameyang’s departure has sparked broader questions about Arsenal’s transfer strategy and player management. Supporters have also voiced their concerns, lamenting the loss of a player who has thrived elsewhere.


As Arsenal continues to face Premier League challenges, the regret over Aubameyang’s exit serves as a cautionary tale. It highlights the importance of careful decision-making and the risks of letting top talent go without considering long-term implications.


In light of this, Arsenal’s management will be under closer scrutiny as fans and analysts watch how the club recovers from this significant misstep.

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