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“He’s just over hyped and I can see his performance fall in the near future. Fans of the club should not make the mistake of dubbing him the best signing of last year. He’s going to be regarded as the biggest flop midfielder soon enough” – Rio Ferdinand critically analyses a Liverpool midfield star that joined in the last transfer window. I don’t know where these guys get this from 😳 This guy is just trying to stay relevant 😳😒 This player has been a big part of the team since he joined and he should not be criticized like this 😳🥲

Rio Ferdinand has shared a critical view of Liverpool’s new midfielder, Dominik Szoboszlai. According to Ferdinand, Szoboszlai might be overvalued and predicts a potential decline in his performance.


Ferdinand advises fans to temper their expectations, suggesting Szoboszlai could be perceived as the most disappointing signing rather than the best one of the previous year.


Despite acknowledging Szoboszlai’s skills and popularity, Ferdinand doubts the comparisons being made to Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.


Szoboszlai recently missed a match against Arsenal due to injury, but Ferdinand’s opinion remains firm: the player has yet to live up to the high expectations surrounding him.

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