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“He explained to me why he prefers to join Arsenal instead of Man United and i already gave him the Go ahead”- Real Madrid star Luka Modric revealed his ‘brilliant’ countryman fancies joining Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal over Man Utd or Liverpool

During a recent press conference, Real Madrid veteran Luka Modric provided an intriguing update on a fellow Croatian international’s future plans. The seasoned midfielder disclosed that his compatriot, whose identity remains undisclosed, has a strong preference for joining Arsenal over Premier League powerhouses Manchester United and Liverpool.


Modric, renowned for his candid and insightful commentary, recounted the conversation with his countryman. “He shared with me why he prefers Arsenal to Man United, and I supported his decision,” Modric revealed. The 2018 Ballon d’Or winner commended his compatriot’s choice, highlighting the appeal of Arsenal’s current trajectory under manager Mikel Arteta.


Modric pointed out several reasons behind the player’s inclination towards Arsenal. “He believes in Arteta’s vision for the club,” Modric explained. “The playing style, focus on youth development, and the club’s ambition to compete at the top level were all very attractive to him.”


Arteta’s influence on Arsenal has been widely recognized. Since assuming the managerial role, he has revitalized the Gunners, fostering a more dynamic and unified style of play. The club’s dedication to developing young talent and incorporating them into the first team has been a significant draw for prospective players.


Modric further mentioned that his countryman views Arsenal as an environment where he can thrive and make a meaningful impact. “He wants to be part of something special, and he sees Arsenal as the ideal place for that. The club’s recent performances and their ambition to reclaim their status in English and European football were crucial factors in his decision.”


This revelation from Modric is likely to excite Arsenal fans, who have been eagerly awaiting new signings to enhance their squad. The Gunners have shown substantial improvement under Arteta, and adding a player of this caliber could greatly boost their prospects.


On the other hand, Manchester United and Liverpool, two of England’s most storied clubs, will likely be disappointed to miss out on such a talented player. Both clubs have been active in the transfer market, aiming to strengthen their squads, but Arsenal’s project seems to have swayed the decision in their favor this time.


With the summer transfer window approaching, all eyes will be on Arsenal to see if they can secure this highly-regarded Croatian international. With Modric’s endorsement and the player’s clear intent, the Gunners could be on the brink of a significant acquisition.


In summary, Luka Modric’s disclosure offers an interesting look into the transfer dynamics at play and highlights the growing appeal of Arsenal under Mikel Arteta’s leadership. As developments unfold, Arsenal fans have reason to be optimistic about the club’s future and the potential addition of an exceptional new talent.

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