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Former Asernal Legend Theo Walcott says £54m Man City star is actually the best player in the PL, not Haaland

Theo Walcott has named Manchester City legend Kevin De Bruyne as the best player in the Premier League.

Speaking on The Overlap, the former Arsenal forward was q uizzed by Gary Neville about the standout player in the English top-flight.

While Theo Walcott did consider Erling Haaland, he eventually settled on Kevin De Bruyne.

Theo Walcott names Kevin De Bruyne as the best player in the Premier League
Branded as an ‘absolute legend’ by Pep Guardiola, the £54 million (Guardian) man is already regarded by many as the greatest midfielder to have ever graced the Premier League.

Ever since signing for Manchester City in 2015, the Belgian playmaker has held a dominance over the league that has perhaps been unprecedented since Thierry Henry’s time at Arsenal.

Now, Theo Walcott has also crowned Kevin De Bruyne as the Premier League’s best player bar none.

“It’s too easy to say [Erling] Haaland, isn’t it? De Bruyne.”

“I’ve got his shirt. My kids want every single shirt. I can’t get any shirts now for them. De Bruyne, De Bruyne for me.”

Gary Neville added, “He’d find you with a pass, wouldn’t he?

Theo Walcott instantly replied, “he would.”

The midfield maestro is in the conversation for being the Premier League’s greatest
Theo Walcott, amongst many would perhaps give Thierry Henry the crown for being the greatest Premier League player of all time over Kevin De Bruyne.

And in fairness, that is completely understandable as words cannot do justice to the Frenchman’s time in England.

But considering De Bruyne’s quality, consistency, influence, longevity and silverware, he is certainly in this conversation.

In fact, barring Henry, it is next to impossible to name a player to have played in the Premier League who has surpassed De Bruyne when analysing his enviable body of work.

Kevin De Bruyne is not only the gold standard of the league currently but throughout it’s history as well.

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