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Jack Grealish response when asked if he would rather play with Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi

In the GOAT argument, Jack Grealish was plainly torn between Ronaldo and Messi. Jack Grealish was unable to decide between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

about the last 15 years, the most intense and at times monotonous discussion among football fans has been about who is the better player: Messi or Ronaldo.

During that time, the two dominated the game, primarily for rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid, winning 79 titles and 12 Ballon d’Ors.

And Manchester City winger Grealish weighed in on who is the better player while taking part in a ‘this or that’ TikTok challenge.

Grealish faced multiple questions while dressed in his City gear, preferring night games over early kick-offs, long sleeve shirts over short sleeves, and claiming assists for others over scoring goals himself.

But then the 28-year-old was confronted with one of football’s most divisive questions: Ronaldo or Messi?

Grealish was visibly torn, clasping his hands and screwing up his face as he considered his options. But, after much thought, the England international chose Messi over Ronaldo, perhaps the safer option considering the latter’s status as a Manchester United great.

Despite the fact that both players are nearing the end of their careers and no longer play in Europe, the discussion between Ronaldo and Messi continues to rage on social media.

Ronaldo, on the other hand, believes the feud between the two is over.

“I don’t see things like that, the rivalry is gone,” Ronaldo stated during a recent press conference.

“It was good, and the audience enjoyed it.” Those who admire Cristiano Ronaldo do not have to despise Lionel Messi, and vice versa. We’ve done well, and we’ve changed football history. The most essential thing is that we are respected all across the world.

“He’s followed his path, and I’ve followed mine, despite the fact that I’ve played outside of Europe.”

“From what I’ve seen, he and I have been doing well.” The heritage endures, but I don’t see the competition in that light. We shared the stage many times over the course of 15 years. I wouldn’t call us buddies; I’ve never had dinner with him, but we’re professional colleagues who appreciate one another.”

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