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REVEALED Romelu Lukaku stopped this star player from joining Chelsea and end up in rival’s club

Romelu Lukaku prevented this talented player from moving to a rival club and joining Chelsea.

Romelu Lukaku was a teenager when Chelsea acquired him from the Belgian team Anderlecht in 2011.

The Belgian struggled throughout his debut season with the team and has performed much worse during his second season at Stamford Bridge.

It has been stated that Lukaku did the club no favors when Chelsea tried to buy Jeremy Doku, and he is now an outcast.

Behind the scenes, Lukaku stopped Chelsea from signing Jeremy Doku.

According to Anderlecht academy director Jean Kindermans, Manchester City winger Doku was eligible to transfer to Chelsea while still playing for Anderlecht, but Lukaku actively worked to prevent it.

The Sunday Mirror quoted Kindermans as saying, “I remember taking Romelu into my office about the problem of getting young players to commit to us – Doku in particular.”

‘Come on, pass your phone to me, I’m going to call him,’ Romelu retorted.

But a phone call is quickly forgotten, so I didn’t want to do that. Instead, I persuaded Romelu to persuade Jeremy to stay.

“The video is still on my phone. Romelu may be heard on it advising the Doku family, saying things like, “Hey, guys, stay with Anderlecht for a while, you’re good,” and other things of that effect.

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