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Mason Greenwood’s debut for Getafe gone horribly wrong

Watch as Mason Greenwood makes his Getafe debut while receiving abuse from Osasuna supporters.

Mason Greenwood, a forward for Manchester United, signed a loan deal with Getafe on the final day of the transfer window.

Many were incensed by the move and criticised the Spanish club for signing him.

This is because he has been accused of abuse in the past. Since December 2021, Greenwood has not participated in a Manchester United game.

United made the choice to reinstate him once all charges against him were dropped, but they immediately changed their minds in reaction to a strong outcry from their own supporters.

Finally, he was loaned out to Getafe, who have accepted the young striker completely despite his past.

Additionally, he made his club debut earlier today against Osasuna, coming off the bench in the 77th minute to a standing ovation from the Getafe supporters.

But it was the Osasuna supporters that shouted “Greenwood, die” at the footballer to let him know what they thought.

View the video here:

The hostile cries from Osasuna supporters are not rare, and other supporters will also criticise the former Manchester United star. He’ll have to put up with it for the rest of his professional life.

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