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Pep Guardiola responds to Man Utd and Chelsea’s poor start in the Premier League this season

Pep Guardiola believes that both Manchester United and Chelsea will improve their performance after their disappointing start to the new Premier League season. He acknowledges that every team goes through ups and downs during the season, and it won’t be a continuous struggle for them.

Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, is facing more pressure after their 3-1 defeat to Brighton at home. Similarly, Chelsea has been struggling to score goals and recently drew 0-0 against Bournemouth. United has suffered three losses in their first five games, while Chelsea has only won one match out of their opening five fixtures, resulting in just five points under the leadership of Mauricio Pochettino.

Despite the struggles of United and Chelsea, Guardiola has praised the strong start of Arsenal and Liverpool in the new season. He believes that both United and Chelsea will eventually find their rhythm and hit form sooner or later.

Guardiola acknowledges the strength of Arsenal and their exceptional performance in their recent game against Everton. He also commends Liverpool for their consistent mentality.
When asked about United’s start, Guardiola responded with laughter, indicating that it didn’t meet the expectations. However, he is confident that both United and Chelsea, being historically strong teams, will find their rhythm and improve their performance.

Guardiola emphasizes the importance of his own team, Manchester City, who have had a great start by winning five out of five matches. He considers their performance after winning the treble to be really impressive.

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