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‘Believe me he thinks he is the Big Dog in the team and he is also very rude’-Pundit claims £63m Manchester City player thinks he’s the big dog

Following Rodri’s recent straight red card in the Premier League, Dimitar Berbatov has been talking about the Manchester City No. 16 in relation to the player.

The 42-year-old was discussing the circumstance with the Metro at the time.

Berbatov, though, asserts that the Spaniard believes he is superior to Premier League opponents like Morgan Gibbs-White.

“Last time out, Rodri should have known better of course, but sometimes emotions take over,” the Bulgarian, who was the target of a £30 million move from Manchester City back in September 2008, stated. This is difficult for those who haven’t played to understand, but these feelings are confidence.

“You feel insulted when a Nottingham Forest resident approaches and attempts to annoy you. Rodri believes that he is the big dog. Players can think like this, I assure you. I believe Gibbs-White reacted a little too strongly, but laws are laws. You’re out if you touch the neck.

We don’t know precisely what the 27-year-old was thinking when he decided to choke the No. 10 of Nottingham Forest last week, but maybe a little arrogance got the better of him.

It was certainly out of character for Rodri because he is often so composed and in control of his actions.

Rodri’s first red card for Manchester City will serve as a lesson.
After the 2-0 victory over Nottingham Forest, Pep Guardiola acknowledged that he was upset with the Spain international, and for good reason.

As we frequently witnessed him do to the entire team during Manchester City’s All or Nothing documentary on Amazon Prime, the 52-year-old gave Rodri the hairdryer treatment in the locker room.

Hopefully, that is the first and last red card of his career at the Etihad Stadium because the £62.8 million player is too essential to Manchester City to receive a three-game suspension.

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