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“He’s way better than Grealish and Foden because he never allows Premier league defenders to rest whenever the ball is with him, he’s my favorite Arsenal player”- Man City’s Erling Halaand names the Arsenal player he is constantly monitoring

“He’s way better than Grealish and Foden because he never allows Premier league defenders to rest whenever the ball is with him, he’s my favorite Arsenal player”- Manchester City’s Erling Halaand lists the Arsenal player he is keeping an eye on – BUKAYO SAKA is not one of them.

Erling Haaland, a great Norwegian striker, has taken the football world by storm with his incredible goal-scoring prowess and raw talent. His meteoric rise to prominence has been swift, and he has quickly established himself as one of the game’s most sought-after young stars.

In the midst of his own success, Haaland has expressed his admiration for a particular player under Mikel Arteta’s mentorship. In this blog post, we look at Erling Haaland’s favorite Mikel Arteta player and the impact he has had under Arteta’s supervision.

When discussing Erling Haaland’s favorite player under Mikel Arteta, one name usually comes up: Gabriel Martinelli. Martinelli, who was born on June 18, 2001 in Brazil, joined Arsenal in 2019 and has quickly established himself as a promising talent within the Gunners’ ranks.

Fearlessness and a strong work ethic are two qualities that stand out to Erling Haaland.

Erling Haaland has been captivated by Gabriel Martinelli’s adventurous approach to the game. Martinelli’s determination, paired with his persistent work ethic, has allowed him to have a significant impact on the game.

Martinelli’s commitment to the team’s purpose is evident in every encounter, whether he’s pursuing opponents, pressing from the front, or making runs into space.

Adaptability and versatility

Another aspect that has caught Haaland’s curiosity is Martinelli’s versatility. Martinelli is mostly an offensive player, but he can also play a variety of front-line positions. His versatility as a winger or central striker adds an element of surprise to his game, making him an important part of Arteta’s tactical plans.

Clinical Closing

Erling Haaland, himself a deadly goal-scorer, admires Gabriel Martinelli’s precision finishing ability. Despite his youth, Martinelli shows exceptional calmness in front of goal, with superb technique and an eye for goal.

His propensity to find the back of the net has drawn comparisons to Haaland, cementing the two players’ bond.

Mikel Arteta’s Influence

Under Mikel Arteta’s direction, Gabriel Martinelli has flourished and made considerable progress in his game. Because of Arteta’s emphasis on disciplined defending, tactical awareness, and the development of young talent, Martinelli has prospered and achieved his potential.

Martinelli’s development has been moulded by the manager’s trust and belief in his abilities, which has allowed him to contribute significantly to the squad.


Gabriel Martinelli, Mikel Arteta’s favorite player, is Erling Haaland’s favorite player, a testament to the young Brazilian’s talent and potential. Martinelli’s boldness, work ethic, adaptability, and precision finishing have wowed football fans all around the world, not only Haaland.

Martinelli has grown into a significant player for Arsenal under Arteta’s direction, and his future seems promising. As these two young stars continue to carve their names in the football world, their friendship serves as a reminder of the importance of a manager in a player’s development and success.

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