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‘The Mistake Chelsea made was loaning him out and buying Nicholas Jackson a Flop and Nkunku an Injury prone now the can’t even find the Net

Chelsea’s owners blamed for signing weak players after bad performance –
It’s very much been a case of one step forward and two steps back this season for Chelsea so far.

Just when we think that things are getting better and moving forward, Chelsea’s players go and put in THE worst showing of the season to lose against Manchester United last night in the Premier League.

Before this game I said the second 45 against Newcastle was our worst, but this easily tops that and that is saying something.

Of course, after games like this pundits and fans alike will be quick to jump on the reasons why Chelsea are still not improving. Because let’s be honest, they are NOT improving, all you need to do is look at the league table to see that.

Pundit Jamie O’Hara has gone in on the owners and their choices in the squad building, and he firmly points the blame on the type of players that they have signed.

As quoted by Chels HQ, O’Hara said: β€œChelsea, right now, you need effort, you need heart, you need passion. That sports club is just going down it’s spiralling out of control again.

β€œI look at them, and I don’t care what anyone says, they have signed a load of weak players with weak mentality. They have not signed winners. Chelsea used to be Drogba, Lampard, Terry, Makelele, Ballack.

β€œWinners, men, would go out there every week, we’re gonna win, we’re gonna fight, no one’s getting the better of us. Now? I watch this Chelsea team… soft! Soft as anything!”

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