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VERY SAD NEWS has been announced this evening as Chelsea has officially sacked thier Manager Mauricio Pochettino and appoint this manager as his replacement

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino’s stint comes to an end with an express dismissal mandate.
Pochettino’s Chelsea stint comes to an end with an express dismissal command.

Pat Nevin believes that Mauricio Pochettino’s first year at Chelsea is being assessed severely because of his prior achievements at the club. The Blues are still stuck in mid-table and have yet to finish higher than ninth in the league at the end of any matchweek this season, an issue that has only been worsened by the terrible performance against Manchester United.

Pochettino had hoped his team could build on a positive and resilient performance at home to Brighton just days earlier as they headed to Old Trafford in search of their first win in ten years. However, a lacklustre performance has many doubting the head coach once more.

Pochettino and his team were booed by away fans on Wednesday night after coming under fan criticism – primarily online – following the terrible 4-1 loss to Newcastle only two weeks ago. Chelsea are now eight points behind fifth-placed Tottenham, who have a game in hand before hosting West Ham on Thursday.

Many expected Pochettino to make a swift turnaround after placing 12th last season under a combination of Thomas Tuchel, Graham Potter, and Frank Lampard due to his track record of stabilising Premier League clubs and good work with young players. However, after 15 games, there is just as much uncertainty, if not more, as when he took the job.

Chelsea have spent almost £1 billion on new players since May 2022, a revolution and unprecedented level of change under the new owners, however their league position has dropped. As individuals who contributed to last term’s failures were sold over the summer, the hope was for a response and the possibility of a top four/five challenge once more.

Those expectations are still a long way off four months into the season. However, Nevin believes that changing the boss is not the best approach to move forward. “I’d say Pochettino is still the right man for the job, especially considering how many new players have arrived,” he told BestGamblingSites. I’m not sure how many he chose.”

“Last season, I thought buying all of these youngsters was a risky strategy,” the former Blues winger and club pundit added. There is virtually little Premier League experience there, and I expected the team to be ineffective for at least two seasons. That is still my position.”

Pochettino’s starting XI against Erik ten Hag’s struggling men was less than a year older on average than their hosts, although that is heavily skewed by veteran Thiago Silva. The other eleven players chosen from the start had an average age of 23.1, with Raheem Sterling being the only player older than 22.

However, it is the topline number that draws the most attention, and many expect more from a team that is accustomed to competing with the best in the division. “I have served as a chief executive before, and if I was at Chelsea, I wouldn’t expect this team to get into the top four this season,” he added. “Instead, I’d expect them to go out and learn while also developing a work ethic.” I’m aware that it won’t happen overnight.”

“At no point this season have I thought this was a top-four team,” he explained. I never imagined that before the season began. This team could challenge in two seasons, or at the very least next season. You just never know. Chelsea currently appears to be a top-four team.”

That would mean no Champions League football for at least three years for the owners. This is not just unprecedented for the club since 2003, but it would also be a massive financial calamity. With the amount of money invested in the team over the last 18 months, there is a need for more cash that only Europe’s top club tournament can provide.

Without it, the slope becomes more difficult to climb and has frequently resulted in an even longer stint away from the top table of world football. This would also be a far cry from what most people expected of Pochettino when he was chosen earlier this year.

If the Blues need another two years to even fight for the top four/five, it’s not unreasonable to expect the manager to have replaced at least once by then.

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