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The Supercomputer that predicted Argentina to win the World Cup in 2022 has finally predicted where Manchester City will finish this Season

Man City is predicted by a supercomputer in the Premier League title match.

After four games without a win, Manchester City is presently fourth in the Premier League standings.

Although they are currently experiencing a poor run of play, Manchester City is still the frontrunner to win the Premier League this season.

The Blues’ Premier League winless streak now stands at four games following their 1-0 loss to Aston Villa at Villa Park on Wednesday night. This is the longest streak without a three-point haul in the league since April 2017. To break City’s run of three straight draws, Leon Bailey scored the game’s lone goal, though not in the manner that manager Pep Guardiola had intended for.

The Blues are currently fourth in the table, six points and four points behind their primary championship contenders, Arsenal and Liverpool, respectively, having both won over the week and taking advantage of City’s defeat in the Midlands. When they play Luton Town at Kenilworth Road on Sunday afternoon, they might already be nine points behind Arsenal.

It would be naive to discount City’s prospects of winning their fourth consecutive Premier League title and keeping their title, despite their current troubles. They are the squad most likely to be able to put together a protracted victory streak.

And even though City is presently fourth in the rankings, they are still the favourites to keep their title, according to statistical data analysts Opta, whose data gives them a 44.7% chance of winning. In comparison, Arsenal, who lead Liverpool by two points at the moment, has a 26.4 percent chance of winning the championship.

According to Opta’s analysis, City has a better chance of finishing second than both Arsenal and Liverpool. The Etihad Stadium team has a 30.7% chance of placing second. Liverpool’s odds of finishing first are 30.2 percent, while Arsenal’s chances of finishing second are 29.9 percent. The Merseysiders’ odds of winning are 22.6 percent.

Additionally, according to Opta, City has an 18% chance of placing third and just a 4.8% chance of securing the final Champions League spot, which they now hold. The analysis indicates that City has a 1.4% chance of placing fifth and a less than 0.5 percent chance of placing sixth or seventh, which further reduces their odds of finishing outside of the top four overall.

Taking a look at the whole landscape of the predictions made for their direct championship opponents, Liverpool is predicted to finish second more often than Arsenal, with a 30.2% likelihood compared to a 29.9% chance for the Gunners. Even if Arsenal’s lead at the top looks quite secure right now, their odds of finishing third are still as high as 28.2 percent.

Villa is currently involved in what is proving to be an intense title fight as well, but their chances of finishing in the top four—more precisely, third—are only 15.3%. With a 34.8 percent likelihood, they are currently the favourites to place fourth.

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