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Heartbreaking Robert Sanchez News has been announced by Chelsea Manager Mauricio Pochettino this Afternoon In a press conference concerning why he was taken off the pitch yesterday

Chelsea is facing a new set of injuries, and Pochettino offers an update.
Mauricio Pochettino suffered two further injury setbacks in Sunday’s loss to relegation-threatened Everton, and his job as Chelsea’s manager doesn’t appear to be getting any easier.

Concerning the injuries to Robert Sanchez and Marc Cucurrella, Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has provided a concerning update, saying he is hoping they are not serious.

Six minutes into the Blues’ Saturday loss to Everton, both players had to be substituted. After moving from Brighton, Sanchez has emerged as Pochettino’s preferred goalkeeper this season. Cucurrella began the game for the visitors at left defence.

Nevertheless, Pochettino’s team lost badly and Ian Maatsen and Djordje Petrovic took their places late in the game. After the defeat, the Blues manager said that he is now holding out hope that the two injuries are not severe, as Reece James was also forced to leave the game early.

Robert Sanchez experienced a knee ailment while he was at Manchester United. He requested the change since he felt something throughout the second half. We have to hope it’s not a major problem,” Pochettino stated.

“Marc Cucurella, who twisted his ankle, experiences the same thing. We hope these problems are not too serious. We have been dealing with these situations from the beginning, and as a young company that needs all the pieces to come together in order to build something strong, it is too much.

“Reece experienced a hamstring ache. He is undoubtedly hurt, but the extent of his injuries remains unknown. He is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest full-backs and a key player for us. We were playing extremely well after fifteen or twenty minutes, so it is very upsetting.

We hadn’t handed away many opportunities, so you had to rearrange things to bring about some adjustments. The team continued to play effectively and push even after Reece left. We return and evaluate his hamstring condition once more in the coming days.”

Despite having 16 shots and an incredible 72 percent of the possession throughout the game, Chelsea controlled and the visitors left empty-handed. Even with that setback, Pochettino was eager to see the bright side.

“I believe we were the better team and that we controlled the game, but losing games is tough when you don’t score goals. In the last third, we did not play with enough aggression. Although we have been shown promise with it, we lacked optimism today,” he remarked.

“We made too many attempts in the last third, but it is hard to win the game there if you are not competitive or aggressive enough. We should have scored earlier, but in the end, we give up one goal due to a lack of focus.

In order to change our standing in the table and win the game, we must score. It’s not only about playing well; the team did play well against a very challenging opposition in Everton, controlling the game.

“In my opinion, we should have received full credit because we outperformed them, but ultimately, you have to score in order to keep your opponent’s confidence from growing. Consequently, it is not feasible to play 97 minutes without making a mistake.”

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