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Jack Grealish and Felipe Melo completely lost it at full-time and TNT Sports cameras only caught the end of the exchange. It got ugly and full footage has emerged 🤬

In response to allegations that he yelled “Ole” at the Fluminense players during Manchester City’s Club World Cup victory, Jack Grealish has spoken out.

In a 4-0 victory over Copa Libertadores winners Fluminense, Manchester City’s team led by Julian Alvarez and Phil Foden added the Club World Cup to their collection of trophies.

Unfortunately, Felipe Melo and Kyle Walker got into a heated argument, which put an end to the game.

At full time, Melo approached Walker, starting a dispute that saw other players rush into the altercation in an effort to pull the two apart.

Melo’s post-match comments suggest that the Fluminense player was genuinely aiming for Grealish, with Walker obstructing his path.

Melo clarified during the game: “I’ve already seen morons on social media claiming that I made a mess, just as the idiots claimed that I started the mess with Gremio’s goal.


“I went to ask the athlete who was rejoicing with their fans throughout the Gremio game in a composed manner. And in the end, they made a mess. Furthermore, I wanted no mess. Grealish treated the Fluminense institution disrespectfully today, and I will never allow it to continue.

At the conclusion of the game, he was yelling “ole.” The fans can shout “ole”; this is for them. An athlete cannot treat the institution disrespectfully while competing.

“So, to all of the moron journalists who have already claimed that I incited unrest, let me clarify that I did not cause any confusion; rather, I went to defend Martinelli, who this athlete had cornered.” I would repeat the process. I’m a fighter.

Grealish, nevertheless, has subsequently resorted to social media to deny rumours that he was taunting the Fluminense players at full time by yelling “Ole.”

“Not once did I say ‘ole,'” Grealish wrote on X, the official Twitter account.

On December 27, Manchester City will play their first Premier League matchup against Everton. On December 30, they will play host to Sheffield United.

Credit for the Featured Image: TNT Sports

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