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‘I love them both. They remind me of prime Fabregas and Lampard. Arsenal is fortunate to have these two generational talents’: Bernardo Silva says there are two players at Arsenal he truly adores and hopes to play with them one day

Although Manchester City’s primary rivals at the time are Arsenal, there is a great deal of affection between the two teams on both an individual and internal level.


Even though the Gunners and Cityzens are bitter rivals in the league, there are staff ties and a lot of enduring friendships between the two groups.


In addition to Mikel Arteta and Pep Guardiola, Declan Rice, Bukayo Saka, Kyle Walker, Phil Foden, and Jack Grealish are close friends and former teammates from England.


Naturally, Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko were colleagues at Man City before moving on to Arsenal. Bernardo Silva was questioned about these two former teammates while he was speaking on ESPN’s TikTok website.


When asked to pick between Zinchenko and Jesus, Silva said he couldn’t since he loved both players and thought of them as close friends.


Bernardo Silva is a huge fan of Oleksandr Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus.


The midfield player discussed the two stars of Manchester City.


“Is it Oleksandr Zinchenko or Gabriel Jesus?” Someone asked Silva.


Silva continued, “Oh my god, I love them both, they’re both my friends, I can’t answer that.”


Friends become into adversaries.


Although Silva says that Jesus and Zinchenko are great friends, they are actually bitter competitors on the game.


Although they might get along well off the pitch, friends cannot accompany you on a title chase.


There will be a great deal of rivalry between City and Arsenal as they both strive to achieve the same goal, yet these players may get together and socialise at the end of the season.


At the moment, this rivalry between City and Arsenal is particularly exciting because of theties between the players.

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