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FIFA has just announced VERY SAD NEWS for the Officials and Referees of the match between Manchester United and Fulham and this have cost them thier Job

Even after Manchester United lost to Fulham for the fifteenth time this season, Erik ten Hag is unwavering in his conviction that the team is headed in the right direction.

Fulham’s first victory at Old Trafford since October 2003 ended with a 2-1 loss, ending the team’s five-game winning streak.

With 12 games remaining in the Premier League, United is currently eight points below the fourth Champions League qualifying slot after this defeat.

Ten Hag stresses the value of looking at things from a wider angle rather than focusing just on one setback.

He understands that in order to create more balance within the team, some issues, like injuries and squad depth, must be addressed.

Ten Hag also points out that the club’s future appears bright, given the development of excellent young players and their potential for improvement.

United’s difficulties this season—ten Premier League losses and eight home losses in all competitions—indicate areas that need improvement.

Ten Hag credits some of these difficulties to unanticipated events, such Casemiro’s forced departure from the Fulham encounter because of an injury.

Ten Hag praises the team’s character and resiliency in the face of defeats, especially their capacity to rally after giving up goals.

Although he recognises the impact of losing important players like Casemiro and Licha Martinez, he still has faith in the team’s capacity to adjust and perform.

Ten Hag highlights the significance of reflecting on the future, gathering oneself, and getting ready for the next task after experiencing a setback.

He emphasises that in order for the team to overcome setbacks and keep up its momentum, they must continue to grow and be resilient.

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