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I don’t want to see him anymore in Manchester United because he is a very lazy player and all he knows is making women feel inferior. The new owner of Manchester United criticized a player whose leg didn’t touch the ball more than six times during the match against Manchester City yesterday

In an interview with the media on Sunday, he said that he had thought about quitting Old Trafford before Ajax’s Erik ten Hag was appointed the team’s new manager. Among these clubs are.

Marcus Rashford acknowledges his departure from Manchester United and talks about Erik ten Hag’s influence.

This season, Marcus Rashford hopes to build on what was the best of his Manchester United career.

While he has a new contract at Old Trafford, he has shared his thoughts on Red Devils manager Erik ten Hag.

Marcus Rashford has admitted that he considered quitting Manchester United before Erik ten Hag became manager of the team.

With 30 goals in his debut season as manager, Rashford set a new career high. Rashford officially announced the signing of a new five-year contract earlier this month.

Rashford’s form and confidence were at an all-time low the previous summer, following an injury-plagued season in which he only managed to score five goals.

Since then, a lot has changed in the scenario.

When he was at his lowest, 25-year-old Rashford admitted that he might have to leave his childhood club.

Paris Saint-Germain has been notified by his representatives that they have held talks with the club.

However, Ten Hag’s appointment turned out to be the game-changer, as Rashford had his best season yet at Old Trafford thanks to the Dutchman’s ability to handle his players.

“Maybe a little bit before the manager came, but it’s football, it happens,” Rashford remarked.

This was in answer to a query about whether he had ever thought about leaving United.

Everything happens for a reason, and since he arrived at the club at the ideal time, the timing worked out for me.

Everything will come to pass at some point.

The speaker stated, “I think it is clear that the manager is very ambitious, and he has been since the moment he stepped in. So the conversation is a little bit different now.” There was not the slightest doubt in my mind about that.

“I am excited to keep getting better, for the staff and players to keep getting better and getting to know one another, and for us to push ourselves to be better than we were the year before.

That’s ultimately the only way we’ll be able to consistently win trophies once more.

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BREAKING NEWS: The WWE bout between Manchester United and Manchester City yesterday featured some amazing wrestling. The devastating news about Sofyan Amrabat was made public this morning, and Manchester United supporters are at their breaking point. Jamie Carragher said that this was over, 😱.
Breaking News: The horrific news of Sofyan Amrabat was made public this morning, and the Manchester United supporters are at their breaking point. This involves the WWE wrestling that happened during yesterday’s match between Manchester United and Manchester City. Jamie Carragher said that this was over, 😱.

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