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Super computer that predicted Manchester City to win the league last season has just predicted the Premier League table of this season: where would Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City will finish this season. This Can’t be happening😳😳 This prediction seems impossible 😳😳

The renowned Supercomputer, celebrated for its spot-on predictions of Manchester City’s triumphs last season, now unveils its projections for Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City’s final rankings in the current Premier League campaign.


Amidst the ongoing football season, London-based clubs embark on their captivating journey through the league’s latter half, each harboring distinct ambitions. Arsenal eyes the championship, Tottenham aims for a top-four finish, while Chelsea and West Ham strive for Europa League berths in the upcoming season.


Presently, only West Ham appears to be on course to realize these objectives. Nonetheless, with a significant portion of the season still ahead, the ultimate outcomes remain shrouded in uncertainty.


In partnership with FootballWP, we offer a forecasted Premier League table for the season’s conclusion, offering valuable insights into the anticipated standings.


Yet, these prognostications offer only a glimpse of potential scenarios, acknowledging football’s ever-changing landscape where actual results often diverge from initial expectations.


The unfolding narrative of the Premier League will be defined by the performances of these London clubs in the latter stages of the season, adding to the suspense and unpredictability of the competition.

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