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“I never played as much as I would have hoped under you, You didn’t believe in me and my ability, I was always on the bench.”-‘I just hope we don’t sign or sell any players under our new manager in.’-Liverpool star has apologised to Jurgen Klopp after his exit! 😲😲 Was this an apology letter? 😑 😡😡💔

Jurgen Klopp was visibly touched as Liverpool supporters serenaded him with his signature chant during his farewell event at the M&S Bank Arena. The emotional scene unfolded as the German coach, who is set to take a hiatus from managing club football, soaked in what could be his last moment in Merseyside for some time. The poignant moment left many, including us, teary-eyed. Jurgen, we are deeply grateful for your nine remarkable years at Liverpool Football Club.

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