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“Even though he wins the champions league with Borussia Dortmund I won’t accept him to Manchester United dressing room, he has to apologize-Erig Ten Hag has sent Jadon Sancho a Shocking message ahead of Champions league clash with Reao Madrid

Even though there won’t be any English players in the Champions League final on Saturday at Wembley, Manchester United will be following the match with interest.

This evening, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund will compete for the chance to win the most prestigious award in domestic European football in the home of English football. Jude Bellingham, an English star, is only 20 years old, and he plans to add a Champions League winners medal to his collection before Euro 2024.

Bellingham’s fellow countryman Jadon Sancho, who joined Dortmund on a £73 million loan from Manchester United in 2021, will be the opponent. Sancho has been able to turn around his struggling career. What occurs in the upcoming season is yet unknown.

United, which has struggled to trade players in previous years when compared to their competitors, will try to offload peripheral players and those who are no longer needed. It is unclear if Sancho falls into that range, and the club will probably require a large sum to persuade them to sell.

The five-year, £73 million signing of Sancho resulted in an amortised cost of £14.6 million in the yearly financial results. After nearly three years after the original sale, £43.8 million has been spent, leaving Sancho with a remaining book value of about £29.2 million. The only amount above that would indicate any profit United would make from player trade.

In the present market, sums of about £50 million would appear doable, but even if Sancho’s loan agreement has benefited Dortmund, United, and the player equally, it is debatable whether or not BVB will be able to approach that zone. From Bellingham to Erling Haaland, Dortmund has been among the best in Europe in player trading. They have the ability to acquire low, sell high, reinvest the proceeds, and repeat the process.

Important loan agreements for Premier League players who were unable to receive playing time at their respective clubs have contributed to their success this season; Sancho and Chelsea’s Ian Maatsen were among those to arrive. The Bundesliga team paid €3.5 million (£3 million) to loan Sancho for a period of six months, with the option for further €4 million (£3.4 million) in add-ons and Champions League stipulations. According to United insiders who spoke with MEN Sport, Dortmund’s semi-final qualifying earned them a “substantial” bonus, while BVB’s elimination of PSG in the Wembley final earned them another payout.

Dortmund doesn’t usually make major market purchases, and since their largest purchase to far was €35 million (£30 million) for Ousmane Dembele for the 2023–2024 campaign, the Black and Yellow haven’t had much luck making significant financial leaps with new additions. However, the club’s capacity and desire to reinvest may have changed as a result of their Champions League victory, as they have also been connected to a possible transfer for Mason Greenwood, another youngster on United’s roster who has been on loan at Getafe in Spain.

Due to participation fees, prize money, the club’s UEFA coefficient, and the composition of Germany’s TV market pool, Dortmund has generated around £102 million during their season-long run to the championship. As a result, the team will have more financial flexibility come summertime.

Given that Sancho is an academy graduate and has just one year left on his current contract, he appears to be closer to a permanent departure than Greenwood, who has been linked to a potential extension to maintain his market value. This is especially true given that Greenwood’s loan spell, during which he led a team to the Champions League final on the biggest stage of all, will have helped his own market value. The next move for Greenwood will probably be a loan, and Dortmund has been mentioned as a possible destination.

Dortmund won’t face difficulties paying the transfer price since they have the resources to do so. Long-term payroll effects will result from adding someone like Sancho, who is reportedly paid about £300,000 a week—far more than any existing Dortmund player.

It draws attention to a problem that the Premier League’s own wealth generation has created: salaries have increased as a result of the lucrative media rights deals, but selling to other major European leagues is now more difficult than ever because the cost of acquisition is simply too high for even some of the biggest names on the continent. This is due to the lack of riches at such a level elsewhere in Europe.

Dortmund, a team that has consistently succeeded despite frequently having to sell their top players, could object to the thought of using their Champions League winnings to get a player they have already sold for a significant profit.

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