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VERY SAD Mauricio Pochettino News has been announced this even by Club Owner Todd Boehly

Mauricio Pochettino has asked Chelsea for more time. Here is what Todd Boehly had to say about it:

Mauricio Pochettino has asked Chelsea for more time so that his trusted lemons can do their job.

The Argentinian is sure that the sour fruit can take in unwanted bad energy. When he was manager at Tottenham, he kept a basket in his office and made sure the fruit bowl at Stamford Bridge was full when he arrived in the summer.

Given Chelsea’s fitness problems and the fact that they’ve only won one Premier League game so far, Poch could be forgiven for upgrading to a grapefruit or even a watermelon. He did, however, make it clear that only lemons would do.

“It’s not a joke,” he said. I believe in the lemons, but it took one and a half to two years for them to work at Tottenham. It will take a long time.

“Today, I have bright ones, green ones, and other kinds in my office. From Italy and Spain. I used to think that yellow lemons worked better than green ones, but now I think that any color can help. “It would be even better if I could get a blue lemon!”

On Sunday, Chelsea will play at home against Aston Villa. They need to win badly. No European games have given the 12 injured players who missed last week’s 0-0 draw at Bournemouth more time to get better. But Pochettino said that it hurt to watch the Champions League without the Blues.

He said, “I’m not going to lie, I want to be involved and travel Tuesday or Wednesday, but not Thursday.” It’s really hard to see. I like to watch after the game, when I already know who won. You think you ought to be there. It makes me want to tell the guys, “Come on, we need to get better.”

Thiago Silva, a Brazilian defender who just turned 39, has been frustrated by his team’s place in the middle of the table. But Pochettino thinks that if he didn’t want to be part of a long-term project, he shouldn’t have signed a new deal when there was no boss.

He said, “He knew the project that the club is delivering now.”

Pochettino explained why World Cup winner Enzo Fernandez didn’t wear the captain’s armband when Reece James and Ben Chilwell were out: “Enzo is still struggling with his English.” If we need to talk to the judge, Conor is the best person for the job.”

Nicolas Jackson, on the other hand, is no longer allowed to talk to officials. The Senegal scorer has already been given four yellow cards, all for disobedience. If he gets one more, he will be sent off. Pochettino said, “He’s smart, and he’ll definitely adjust.”

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