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Premier League giants have sacked their coach today leaving fans stunned

Chelsea quietly let go of a key player who joined the team last year as part of a world-record £21 million deal.

Bruno Saltor allegedly left Chelsea in secret, just over a year after moving there from Brighton in a world-record £21 million deal for Graham Potter’s team.

After Potter was fired, the Spaniard took over as caretaker manager of the Chelsea first team for a short time. He stayed with the Blues when Frank Lampard took over as interim manager and when Mauricio Pochettino took over as regular manager at the beginning of this season.

Still, the Telegraph reports that Bruno has quietly left the west London giants. The club chose not to make a public statement about Bruno’s exit.

It’s still not clear what this will mean for Pochettino, who has had a rough start as Chelsea’s boss and probably doesn’t need more trouble.

Bruno was close to the manager before him, Potter, so it might make sense for him to leave and for the new manager to take over.

But Chelsea fans might be worried that things seem to be just as wild off the field as they are on it.

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