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He does nothing’ and earn highest in Chelsea going to injury back to back- Pundit Criticized Chelsea Star for always being injured and still earn €300k

Reece James is criticized for his injury troubles because “he does nothing.”
Alejandro Moreno, a football analyst, has criticized Reece James, the captain of Chelsea, for his injury woes.

James has missed significant amounts of each season over the past couple of years due to a series of long-term ailments he has sustained at Chelsea.

Although Moreno disagrees, many people still consider the England international to be a crucial player in spite of his injury difficulties.

According to Moreno on ESPN, “MVP is short for most valuable player, and to be a player, you have to be on the field.”

I don’t argue with Sam in this instance about how valuable Reece James is when he’s on the field.

“However, if he is in the audience, he has no use for me. He offers me no assistance whether I am a Chelsea player, a member of the Chelsea coaching staff, or a member of the front office.

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