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VERY SAD THIAGO SILVA News has been announced this Afternoon after he made a shocking revelation this evening in Press

Thiago Silva, a star for Chelsea, discusses his plans for after this season.

When his contract with Chelsea expires at the end of the current campaign, Thiago Silva has left his options open and has been linked with a return to Fluminense.

The veteran, who is 39 years old and still going strong, has started each of Chelsea’s eight Premier League games this season under Mauricio Pochettino.

His current contract, which he signed in February of this year, keeps him at Stamford Bridge through the end of the current season.

Beyond that, it’s unclear what the storied center back will do, though there have been rumors that he might join an old team.

The Brazilian international, who has 113 caps, started his youth career at Fluminense. After leaving, he returned in 2007, then moved to AC Milan two years later.

He hasn’t committed to it yet, but there’s a chance he’ll stay on for another stint at the Rio de Janeiro club.

Thiago Silva of Fluminense said, “This relationship has been going on for a while, right,” to Globo’s Esporte Espetacular. But since there has already been some controversy in the recent past, I would prefer to remain silent at this time.

“I now have a family and kids.” Therefore, we also need to consider this aspect. To complete this lovely and successful career that I believe I have attained, it’s about figuring out what can make us happy.

In a recent interview, former Chelsea defender William Gallas expressed his opinion that the Brazilian is acting as though this is his final campaign in the Premier League and with the Blues.

Gallas stated in September that Thiago Silva “knows that it is going to be a very difficult season for him.”

He is aware that this is his final season, but he lacks the proper backing.

Thiago Silva, who is 38 years old, would typically look to the younger players to uplift him and assist him with their talent.

Chelsea at the moment lacks that quality. He appears to be responsible for overseeing everything behind him. He was attempting to explain to the midfield where they need to go when he has the ball during the game against Bournemouth [which ended in a scoreless draw]. That shouldn’t be taking place.

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