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Premier League giants have been deducted points before the season has even started for breaching FFP rules!

The Premier League penalized the Toffees in March for violating FFP standards after registering financial losses of £371.8 million over a three-year period when the competition’s ceiling is £105 million.

After Everton challenged the claims, the Premier League referred the club to an independent commission over the alleged violation of its profitability and sustainability criteria.

According to The Telegraph, the Premier League is seeking a point deduction for Everton if the independent tribunal finds the team guilty.

Everton are presently 16th in the Premier League, with seven points from nine games this season.

‘The club vehemently rejects the allegation of non-compliance and, together with its independent team of experts, is completely certain that it remains compliant with all financial laws and regulations,’ said Everton after they were initially charged by the Premier League.

‘Everton is ready to vigorously defend its case before the commission.

Over the years, the club has submitted information to the Premier League in an open and transparent manner, and it has consciously decided to behave in good faith at all times.’

The Premier League has charged Everton under Rule W.82.1, the same rule that Manchester City is accused of violating.

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