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Rico Lewis: “Erling Haaland is just like any other striker in a sense. People get onto him more than ……. Rico Lewis defends ‘amazing’ £51m Man City player after Young Boys win

After Young Boys’ victory, Rico Lewis defended the “amazing” £51 million Man City star, saying, “People will get on to him more.” Rico Lewis defended Erling Haaland following Wednesday night’s 3-1 Champions League victory over Young Boys by Manchester City.

The Englishman was asked in a TNT Sports interview if the £51 million (Sky Sports) player, who was quite wasteful that evening despite his outstanding brace, appeared “anxious” in front of goal.

Rico Lewis, the sensational young player for Manchester City, refuted these rumors regarding Erling Haaland following his victory over Young Boys as Man of the Match.

Erling Haaland is defended by Rico Lewis after Manchester City defeats Young Boys.
Ilkay Gundogan called the Norwegian striker a “amazing guy,” but he missed a lot of opportunities, which indicates that he is not at his best right now.

But Haaland came back with a lion’s heart, winning a penalty kick and curling the ball into the top corner with his weak foot to secure a brace that was right out of the bag.

Rico Lewis was keen to refute any allegations that Erling Haaland was anxious in front of goal during Manchester City’s victory over Young Boys.

“In a way, you know, he’s just like any other striker. Because of the year he had the previous year, he will be more popular than others, but he will leave with two goals, and many will label him nervous. Today, he scored two goals. He deserves praise for what he accomplished last year.

Ricardo Lewis is correct with Erling Haaland, his Manchester City teammate, who once again demonstrated his class against Young Boys. Erling Haaland has enough bank credit to not be called into question in this manner.

The 23-year-old won the treble last season and scored an incredible 52 goals in 53 appearances.

Haaland leads the Premier League in goals scored this season as well, with 11 goals across all competitions.

Although criticizing Erling Haaland’s physique is appropriate, it seems extreme to be making such claims.

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