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“He shouldn’t be allowed back on the training ground next week, he completed JUST 6 passes against Brentford and had less touches than the goalkeeper”- Chelsea legend has warned Pochettino to get rid of one of his players who will not allow him to win to win any trophy this Season

When asked what had gone wrong for his Chelsea squad after a promising start against Brentford, Mauricio Pochettino looked upset.

He stated why he thought Chelsea had deteriorated in the second half, citing increased pressure and crowd dissatisfaction.

We witnessed similar events, but that is no excuse. How many times is this team going to have the same second-half mental collapse on the pitch if they don’t get their way early on?

The instructor can be heard speaking in the following clip:

Mauricio Pochettino must intervene when Nicolas Jackson has a confrontation with a fan.

According to TalkSport, when the sides headed off for halftime, Chelsea player Nicolas Jackson “shushed” a supporter who was “venting their frustrations” at the striker.

As tensions grew at Stamford Bridge, manager Mauricio Pochettino was reportedly compelled to intervene with the pair on the touchline.

Things did not improve in the second half, as Brentford scored twice and Chelsea failed to score at all. We can only image how angry that fan was after 96 minutes, if they stayed to the finish.

Chelsea were booed off at the end of their third consecutive home encounter against the Bees.

A string of solid performances and successes appeared to have turned the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge around, but this is a good reminder of how rapidly things can change. This awful version of the Stamford Bridge must just terminate before the entire project fails.

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