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Manchester City Super Star has just rejected a Move to Saudi Club where he will earn about £150million and he is set to sign a new Contract with Manchester City till 2026 after today’s match

To assist Pep Guardiola’s team in winning an unprecedented fourth consecutive Premier League title, players turned down the allure of Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and the wealth of Saudi Arabia in the summer.

Since the Football League’s founding in 1892, in fact, the accomplishment has never been accomplished. He inked a 12-month contract extension that will keep the 29-year-old Portuguese playmaker at the Eithad until 2026, much to the dismay of his illustrious pursuers.

“We want to try to do that because we heard that winning four titles in a row has never been done before,” he exclaimed. Every year is extremely difficult, especially in light of the fact that two of the championships were decided by a mere one-point margin and victories in the final games.

For instance, we were behind 2-0 in minute 70 of the May 2022 Aston Villa game, demonstrating how difficult it is to win. We will now endeavor to continue making history and elevating our team to the status of one of the greatest ever. That has significance for us.

The team playing on Sunday, Manchester United, led by Sir Alex Ferguson, had won the championship twice in three years, but they were unable to extend their winning streak to four.

After losing key players Ilkay Gundogan and Riyad Mahrez in the summer transfer window, Guardiola—who never objects when players want to move on—was relieved that Silva, especially with Barcelona hammering on his door, was still a vital cog in his all-star team.

Silva, who paid £43 million to move from Monaco in May 2017, now has 15 medals to his name. “I am in my seventh season at City, and I can only recall one season when we weren’t successful,” he said, referring to Guardiola’s inaugural campaign. It has been desiring to continue winning, yet becoming a successful squad is difficult.

Since we have won so many games in the past several years, it is only natural that the other teams will look for fresh strategies to defeat us. They’ll work hard to better their teams and give it their all.

This indicates that Silva, who is one of the more seasoned players, has taken on additional responsibility as a result of Gundogan’s transfer to Barcelona and Kevin de Bruyne’s injury absence.

He argues that it’s important to keep the desire to add additional trophies to an already full trophy cabinet, particularly in light of the season’s treble of Champions League, Premier League, and FA Cup wins. “If the hunger levels remain the same, we have a good chance of winning again because the quality is still there and the team is nearly the same,” he stated.

“We can succeed even with the knowledge that this season’s opponents are stronger. Every member of the squad is extremely vital. It is evident that the squad continues to produce even with key players out or injured.

“There’s a positive vibe in the dressing room as well because everyone feels valuable and like they can help this team advance.”

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